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KJB 007 is a Karaoke player with a very special specification, With 2 TB hard drive already installed to support maximum track storage. A total of 29,000 songs filled (Indonesia, West, Mandarin) supported by ASIRI and ASIRINDO. The "Search Song" menu can match SINGER (Singer Name), INITIAL SONG (Song Title) or Song Number. There is also Loader, to play VCD / DVD tapes KJB KJ-007 has ADD SONG Features, which can add your own songs via VCD or USB Flash Disk to the installed HDD. Another Special Feature REMOVE SONG, can remove songs that we do not want from the HDD.


  • Video Clip Karaoke Player

  • Dual Screen Support

  • Easy to add song

  • Able to delete song

  • HDMI Output

  • HDD 2TB Include 30 thousand karaoke song

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